Ciscoit Essential

Ciscoit Essential (Computer Emgineering)

It is obvious that the use of computer in various offices for routine business transactions is a common phenomenon. It is expected that all offices can comfortably log in to a system and use applications that are related to their job, otherwise the organizations will be seen as lagging behind. However, the rampant breakdown of systems, coupled with high cost of maintenance necessitates the need for computer users to learn the skills of computer hardware and software maintenance and repairs. Hence, Diploma in Cisco IT Essentials (Computer Engineering): PC Hardware and Software course covers the fundamentals of PC hardware and software as well as advanced concepts. It is designed for students who want to pursue careers in ICT and students who want to gain practical knowledge of how a computer works. The course is split into Seven (7) modules.

At the end of this course, each student should be able to:

  • Identify Tools and Software Used with Personal Computer Components and Know Their Purpose.
  • Troubleshoot and fix faulty computers.
  • Assemble both internal and external cables of personal computer and also install device drivers.
  • Identify Common Preventive Maintenance Techniques for Laptops and Portable Devices.
  • Identify the Names, Purposes, and Characteristics of fundamental networks used to Establish Connectivity
  • Install, Configure, and Optimize an Operating System.
  • Share files, folders and printers on a network.
  • Describe the Installation, Configuration, and Management of a Simple Mail Server.

Computer Technicians, System Analyst, Office Technologists and Other Computer Users.

Practical hands-on, Demonstrations, simulations and lectures.