The Diploma in Data Analysis is a professional course that has to do mainly with analyzing data for research purpose or decision making. Data analysis gives an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the data in question.

At the end of this course, each student should be able to

  • Use the R-Studio Environment.
  • Handle data analysis using R-Programming
  • Perform Descriptive and Exploratory Analysis in R.
  • Handle Regression Models in R
  • Use the SPSS windows (Data view and Variable view)
  • Handle Data Analysis using SPSS
  • Perform Descriptive and Inferential Analysis in SPSS
  • Interpret Data in a manner client understands

Undergraduates, Finance Managers, Consultants, Lecturers, Accountants, statisticians, Auditor and Finance Supervisors.

Lecture, Discussions ,Session, Case study and practical exercise.