Department of Accountancy

Department of Accountancy

ND Accountancy programmes should contribute adequately to the production of good quality and dedicate business-manpower for commerce, industry, private and public enterprise.

The Goal and the Objectives of the ND Accountancy Programme.

The goal of the ‘National Diploma in Accountancy is to produce a technician level manpower that can effectively perform a range of functions in the field of Accountancy..

The objectives of the ND Accountancy are to:

  • demonstrate a basic knowledge of financial operations of different types of business.
  • assist in the collection and integration of basic financial data for use in investment decisions.
  • prepare final accounts of business.
  • assist in the preparation of short and long term budget plans;
  • collect and collate relevant financial information to aid superior officers and management in making financial decisions.
  • interpret some basic ratio, statistical and financial data.
  • carry out a preliminary survey and feasibility studies.
  • understand the principles of financial accounting and their application to business situations.


    Applicants with the following qualifications may be considered for admission into the National Diploma programme by direct entry:

  • G.C.E. Ordinary level or its equivalent (Teachers Grade II, W.A.S.C., S.S.C.E.) with four credit passes in English Language, Mathematics and any other two subjects from the following: Economics, Business Methods, Principles of Accounts, Literature in English, Commerce, History, Statistics, geography, Government Agric Science/Biology obtained at not more than two sittings, or
  • Four credit passes in relevant subjects as stated in (i) above obtained at the final examination of an NBTE recognized Preliminary ND Programme offered by the polytechnics and similar post-secondary technical institutions.