Founder Statement


Dr. Busayo J. Ajayi


Founder Statement

With great delight, I welcome you to Ajayi Polytechnic, a private polytechnic established to raise giants through inclusive entrepreneurship and innovative technological education. Entrepreneurship and Innovation education is now inevitable judging by the number that are graduating from institutions of higher learning in the last few years with at least 60 to 70 percent of them unemployed either because they are unemployable or because they have not acquired the necessary training and skills that would enable them to meet the needs of industries. We believe that our entrance into the educational sector at this point in time will assist in plugging the dysfunctional tertiary education in Nigeria which has resulted in graduates that are not adequately prepared to face the challenges of either working in organisations or venturing into business.

At Ajayi Polytechnic, we are determined to train and produce technical and skilled manpower that will become industrial giants and providers of solution to economic problems of nations. Towards this end, we seek to provide education that will develop skills, abilities, entrepreneurial mindset and understanding attitudes in our graduates. We have evolved procedures that would inculcate acceptable work habits in our graduates in line with the best practice anywhere in the world, and shall continue to whet those procedures. Though the polytechnic is equipped to run all programmes prescribed for the polytechnic system and innovative studies at both National Diploma and Higher National Diploma levels, it will open in September, 2017 with four programmes at the National Diploma level as well as some Diploma and Certificate courses that will position individuals for life-long fulfilment and professional registration.